Recycling Energy Systems LLC

Recycling Energy Systems LLC (RES) was founded in 2010 by Brian Gannon to provide strategic planning, marketing and project management services to clients in the renewable energy field.

Partial list of projects RES’ principals’ achievements:

-       Designed and built anaerobic digestion facilities

-       Designed and built photo-voltaic solar energy projects

-       Secured $1.4million in SGIP funds

-       Secured over $8million in federal and state renewable energy grants

-       Set up and operated dairy manure composting operations

-       Analysis of technology and business planning for dairy manure marketing initiative

-       Feasibility studies

-       Market analysis

-       Utility interconnection for electrical supply

-       Integration of biogas-to-CNG technologies

-       Taught course at international biogas conferences and moderated panel discussions

Brian Gannon, the managing member of Recycling Energy Systems, is a graduate of Brown University and has held management positions at Biogas Energy Inc., Microsoft, and high-tech startup companies. Mr. Gannon was project manager for North State Rendering Co. Inc. in Chico, CA to build North America’s first anaerobic digestion project on a rendering plant. 

Recycling Energy Systems maximizes the value of clients’ existing resources, identifying and monetizing assets and converting “problems” into income. By exploring new markets for byproducts and identifying processes that increase the value of waste materials, RES saves money for clients and adds revenue where none existed.

Services offered:

-       Strategic planning

-       Business planning

-       Market analysis

-       Grant writing

-       Sales and marketing consulting

-       Project management and development

-       Work with utilities

Contact us for more information:

(510) 210-5363